Taylor Richards


Meet Taylor

Since 2019, I've volunteered in social work to grow and support others. Dealing with addiction and homelessness was challenging. I'm thankful to have been substance-free for over 5 years. Additionally, I've worked for two years as a substance use counselor in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), where I learned about group sessions and aiding recovery. This taught me that recovery, like love, means different things to different people.

Nowadays, I'm dedicated to being a positive force. Ever since I joined Recovery Beyond in 2022, I've discovered the joy of teamwork and staying active, especially through hiking. One of my most memorable achievements was reaching the summit of "Mailbox Peak." In 2023, I eagerly embraced indoor bouldering and boxing, enjoying the challenges and sense of community they bring.  

Right now, I'm studying behavioral science and working towards my bachelor's degree. I'm also on track to become an SUDP (Substance Use Disorder Professional). I'm excited about planning more activities for our community. Being a certified peer counselor, I believe in many ways to recover. My goal is to support as many people as I can on their recovery journey. 

 Moreover, I've had the privilege of climbing Mt. St. Helens and participating in a dog sledding event in Minnesota. The moments and memories I've created in this organization have been truly transformative, shaping me into the person I am today. Every day, I'm grateful for my journey and committed to helping others find hope and healing.