Recovery Coaching

Connect with one of our certified Recovery Coaches with lived experience, for tailored 1:1 support to help you develop and strengthen your own personal pathway of recovery.

Recovery plans are build on each individual’s strengths, needs, and goals. The sessions can be once off or continuous, and are 100% free.

Contact us today if you would like to explore what Recovery Coaching could look like for you.

Explore Recovery Coaching

You Deserve to Live a Life you Love

Recovery coaches provide many different types of support, including:

1. Emotional - Empathy and concern for your wholistic wellbeing first and foremost

2. Informational - Connections to information and referrals to community resources that support health and wellness

3. Instrumental - Concrete supports such as housing or employment and

4. Affiliational - Connections to recovery community supports, activities, and events.

Discover the difference 1 on 1 support can make in your life!

"This organization is unlike anything I’ve come across. I’ve experienced many different models and “recovery” approaches but the special and unique way Recovery Beyond effects change is truly rare and has helped me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. It’s been so incredible to see the impact of their work in so many lives and has been a tremendous gift to my kids, my life and our future. Thank you, Recovery Beyond!” - Recovery Beyond Member
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